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7/31/2013 Working on post production for "Slutcracker Dreams" my first documentary exploring the world of "The Slutcracker", Boston Burlesque, female sexuality and body image from the talented Sugar Dish!

If the bank statement is correct it looks like Julia will be attending the Grammy awards this year! Better get that Grammy ballot in!

11/30/2009 Getting prepped for a variety of new song projects to be announced next year!

Recapping the past few months: The national college radio campaign ended in April so we pushed it to international college radio. Had some play in Bordeaux and Dijon, France (yummy!), Bath, England, and Helsinki, Finland to name a few.

Julia also joined the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (yay!). Recently received the Grammy nominating ballot (exciting!)


Our thanks goes out to the Melrose Free Press for a nice lengthy interview with Julia which published today! Check it out if you have the chance.

We've been added to over 130 stations rotations and continue to have medium and light spins being added. Our thanks to DJ's at WAKE, KRCX, KCSS, WQAC, WMUH, WGMU, KRUI, WPMD, WDUB, WLOY, KRUA, WCVM and WMVL for moving the album into medium spins and DJ's at WUPX, WXJM, WALT, KSUB, WSDP, WKWZ, KVHS, WRBB, KWUR, KZUU, KUWS, KLPI, KRNL, WSIN, WTJU, WSJU, WSOE, WNSU, WMTS, WSBF, WMSR, WHUS, WIDB, WEOS, WCNI, WCVF, WCCS, KJAK, WHSN, KDWG, KWAR, KNDS, NVWR for starting to spin the tracks as well.

Stay tuned for the impending international college radio release info also!

The album is now available on Napster and Tradebit and for all you app lovers out there, you can create a Pandora radio station using her name and it will play similar artists as her. Stay tuned for the moment her songs appear, we'll keep you informed!

3/5/2009 Julia's CD continues to be added to playlists around the country and is in rotation at over 70 of them! She has begun to see medium spins on a few of them including M3 Radio, WVOU, WKKL, and WARY. Our thanks to DJ's at WSDP, KAOS, KRUA, WMVL, WECI, WNSU, WCNI, KRUI, KZUU, KRNL, URH, and WPMD for starting to spin them as well.

Julia's CD has been out for almost two weeks now. We are proud to say that it was added to the playlists of 30 radio stations in it's first week and 28 more in it's second week as well as receiving a CMJ pick from WKKL and charting at #17 on M3 Radio. Our thanks go out to DJ's at M3 Radio, WPMD, WBRS, WDUB, WGSU, WVFI, WVOU, WCVM, KRCX, and WARY for beginning to spin the tracks as well.

The album is now available on Amazon and Lala and Julia was added to Allmusic with a brief entry.

02/17/2009 The album is now available via itunes as well!

Welcome to the new Website.

The CD is available prerelease on Digstation and CD Baby and has been shipped to independent radio stations across the U.S and Canada to be released 2/16/2009.

Stay tuned for news on airplay.


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